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(1) Date of Hearing. Within 10 days of the clerk’s receipt of the appeal, the hearing examiner shall set a public hearing for a date within 45 days of the clerk’s receipt of the appeal, unless a longer period is agreed to between the parties.

(2) Notice of Hearing. The clerk shall cause a notice of the appeal hearing to be posted on the property that is the subject of the notice and order, and mailed to the appellant and the complainant, if not anonymous, at least 10 calendar days before the hearing. The notice shall contain the following:

(a) The file number and a brief description of the matter being appealed;

(b) A statement of the scope of the appeal, including a summary of the errors alleged and the findings and/or legal conclusions disputed in the appeal;

(c) The date, time and place of the public hearing on the appeal;

(d) A statement of who may participate in the appeal; and

(e) A statement of how to participate in the appeal.

(3) Conduct of Hearing. The hearing examiner shall conduct the hearing on the appeal pursuant to Chapter 2.35 ECMC and the rules of procedure of the hearing examiner. (Ord. 529 § 1, 2018)