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Whenever any use or activity in violation of the Electric City Municipal Code immediately threatens the health and safety of the occupants of the premises or any member of the public, the code enforcement officer may issue an emergency order directing that the use or activity be discontinued and the condition causing the threat to the public health and safety be corrected. The emergency order shall specify the time for compliance and shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the property, if posting is physically possible. Any condition described in the emergency order which is not corrected within the time specified is hereby declared to be a public nuisance and the city is authorized to enjoin or abate such nuisance by any legal or equitable means as may be available. The cost of such injunction or abatement, specifically including reasonable attorney and expert witness fees, shall be recovered from the owner, tenant, occupant, manager, agent, or other person responsible in the manner provided by law. (Ord. 529 § 1, 2018)