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(1) The city of Electric City shall have a lien for any monetary penalty imposed, the cost of any abatement proceedings under this chapter, and all related costs including attorney and expert witness fees against the real property on which the monetary penalty was imposed or any of the abatement work was performed. The lien shall be subordinate to all previously existing special assessment liens imposed on the same property and shall be superior to all other liens, except for state and county taxes, with which it shall be on parity.

(2) The city shall cause a claim for lien to be filed for record within 90 days from the later of the date that the monetary penalty is due, or the date the work is completed or the violation abated.

(3) The claim of lien shall contain sufficient information regarding the civil violation, as determined by the city, a description of the property to be charged with the lien and the owner of record, and the total amount of the lien.

(4) Any such claim of lien shall be verified by the city, and may be amended from time to time to reflect changed conditions. (Ord. 529 § 1, 2018)