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No person having charge of any commercial, industrial, or agricultural equipment and/or machinery, or any trailer, unless attached to a motor vehicle by which it may be propelled or drawn, shall permit or allow the same to remain or park the same in any street, alley, or public right-of-way for a continuous period exceeding 72 hours; provided, that in case of accident such vehicle, equipment, or trailer may be moved to the side of the street, alley, or public right-of-way, and if good and sufficient red signal or other flare markers be displayed at both ends thereof during the hours of darkness, may be permitted or allowed to remain for a period of not exceeding 24 hours pending removal; provided, that the provisions of RCW 46.61.571 or any other parking regulation of this code are not violated. Violation of this section is punishable by a C-11 penalty. (Ord. 428 § 1, 2010)