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All golf carts shall be registered with the city of Electric City prior to the operation upon the public roadways within the city. The sole purpose of the registration is to identify the owners of the golf carts being operated as provided herein. Registration of a golf cart is not intended to and shall not operate to warrant or guarantee that the golf cart meets any particular standard or condition or that it may be safely operated upon the public roadways within the city of Electric City. Registration shall be made in the manner that follows:

(1) Application for a golf cart registration shall be made upon a form provided by the city of Electric City.

(2) A golf cart number will be issued upon the approval of the completed application and the payment of a $30.00 annual fee.

(3) Such decal shall be firmly attached to the rear of the golf cart for which issued in such position as to be plainly visible from the rear. (Ord. 498 § 1, 2015)