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Article I. General Provisions
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The purpose of this chapter is to provide protection for critical areas classified and designated in the Electric City comprehensive plan to protect these areas and their functions and values in a manner that also allows reasonable use of private property. This chapter is intended to:

(1) Implement the city of Electric City comprehensive plan and the requirements of the Growth Management Act;

(2) Protect critical areas, in accordance with the Growth Management Act and through the application of best available science, as determined according to WAC 365-195-900 through 365-195-925, and in consultation with state and federal agencies and other qualified professionals;

(3) Protect the general public, resources and facilities from injury, loss of life, property damage or financial loss due to flooding, erosion, landslides, or steep slopes failure;

(4) Protect unique, fragile and valuable elements of the environment, including ground and surface waters, wetlands, and fish and wildlife and their habitats;

(5) Prevent cumulative adverse environmental impacts to water quality and availability, wetlands, and fish and wildlife habitat; and

(6) Provide flexibility and attention to site specific characteristics, so as to ensure reasonable use of property. (Ord. 563 § 1, 2019; Ord. 456 § 1, 2012; Ord. 367 § 2, 2005)