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Article VII. Administration and Enforcement
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(1) Shoreline Administrator.

(a) The Electric City mayor or his/her designee shall serve as the shoreline administrator and in the case of a shoreline substantial development permit (SDP) to grant or deny the permit. The shoreline administrator shall administer the shoreline permit and notification systems, and shall be responsible for coordinating the administration of shoreline regulations with zoning enforcement, building permits, and all other regulations regulating land use and development in the city.

(b) The shoreline administrator or his/her designee shall be familiar with regulatory measures pertaining to shorelines and their use, and, within the limits of his or her authority, shall cooperate in the administration of these measures. Permits issued under the provisions of this shoreline regulation shall be coordinated with other land use and development regulatory measures of the city. The shoreline administrator shall establish procedures that advise all parties seeking building permits or other development authorization of the need to consider possible shoreline applications. It is the intent of the city, consistent with its regulatory obligations, to simplify and facilitate the processing of shoreline substantial development permits.

(c) The shoreline administrator or his/her designee shall ensure that proposed regulatory or administrative actions do not unconstitutionally infringe upon private property rights. Shoreline goals and policies should be pursued through the regulation of development of private property only to an extent that is consistent with all relevant constitutional and other legal limitations (where applicable, statutory limitations such as those contained in Chapter 82.02 RCW and RCW 43.21C.060) on the regulation of private property.

(d) The shoreline administrator or his/her designee shall apply Article VII, Administration and Enforcement, of this chapter, for shoreline critical areas.

(2) Hearing Examiner.

(a) The hearing examiner shall have the authority to decide on appeals from administrative decisions issued by the administrator of this SMP.

(b) The hearing examiner may grant or deny shoreline variances and shoreline conditional use permits, following an open record hearing.

(3) City Council. The city council is vested with authority to:

(a) Initiate an amendment to this SMP according to the procedures prescribed in WAC 173-26-100.

(b) Adopt all amendments to this SMP, after consideration of the recommendation of the planning commission. Substantive amendments shall become effective immediately upon adoption by Ecology. (Ord. 484 § 2, 2014)