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(1) Upon receipt of a complete and satisfactory preliminary plat application, the plat administrator shall distribute copies of the preliminary plat to each of the following offices, departments, or agencies:

(a) Grant County public utility district.

(b) Telephone company.

(c) Fire district.

(d) Grant County health district.

(e) Any irrigation district with jurisdiction.

(f) Grant County assessor.

(g) Cable company.

(2) The plat administrator shall further notify the police department, public works department, and mayor that a preliminary plat has been received.

(3) Notice of the filing of a preliminary plat of a proposed subdivision located in the city and adjoining the municipal boundaries thereof shall be given to the Grant County planning department.

(4) Notice of the filing of a preliminary plat of a proposed subdivision located adjacent to the right-of-way of a state highway shall be given to the State Department of Highways.

(5) Each office, department, or agency shall file written recommendations with the plat administrator. If any such office, department, or agency fails to file a written recommendation within the time required, it may be presumed that such office, department, or agency has no recommendation.

(6) If the preliminary plat is found to be unacceptable, a notice of such shall be mailed to the subdivider as provided in this code.

(7) The plat administrator may determine that a meeting shall be held to resolve major issues identified as a result of the recommendations of other offices, departments, or agencies. Such meeting shall be attended by those offices, departments, or agencies responsible for the recommendations and must include the applicant and the plat administrator. The proceedings and results of the meeting shall be documented by minutes. (Ord. 393 § 1, 2007)