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(1) The subdivider shall install water mains for the full length of all streets that are installed.

(2) The city may negotiate with the subdivider to install water mains larger than required by the community street and utility standards, to implement the development of the comprehensive plan for trunk mains to serve areas other than the subdivision. The city will negotiate the installation of oversized water main and reimburse the subdivider for the additional cost for the larger water main after construction is complete and accepted by the city council. No approval is authorized by the city unless a written approval for reimbursement by the city is sent to the subdivider prior to construction.

(3) When a subdivider is required to install a water main through or adjacent to property other than the proposed subdivision, the subdivider shall not be required to install fire hydrants other than those required within the proposed subdivision. (Ord. 411 § 1, 2008)