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It is the purpose of this title to promote the health, safety and general welfare by guiding the development of Electric City by means of a comprehensive land use plan which is, in part, carried out by the provisions of this title.

It is further intended to provide regulations and standards which lessen congestion in the streets, encourage high standards of development, prevent the overcrowding of land, provide adequate light and air, avoid excessive concentration of population, and facilitate adequate provisions for transportation, utilities, schools, parks and other necessary public needs.

It is also the purpose of this title to give consideration to the character of the districts and their peculiar suitability for particular uses, with a view to conserving and enhancing the value of land and buildings and encouraging the most appropriate use of these throughout the city.

There is hereby established a comprehensive zoning plan for the city of Electric City, Washington, which plan is set forth in the text, maps, and schedule that constitute this title. Said plan is adopted by the authority of and for the purposes set forth in Chapter 44, Laws of 1935, Laws of the State of Washington, and Chapter 36.70A RCW, and more particularly for the production and promotion of the public health, safety, and general welfare. (Ord. 416 § 1, 2009)