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The C-1 district is a pedestrian-oriented commercial district designed to foster a vibrant downtown business area supporting a mix of residential, commercial, limited service and light industrial uses. The C-1 designation is intended for the central business district. In creating regulations for the C-1 district, consideration has been given to the need to promote pedestrian circulation, while recognizing the need to provide for adequate fire protection and emergency vehicle access. Parking requirements for the district acknowledge that the downtown is an area of shared parking and walking between stores, with limited space for off-street parking areas adjacent to most uses. The C-1 district should provide adequate parking for residents, employees, customers and visitors with minimal curb cuts. Off-street parking areas should generally be located on the side or back of the lot. Design and uses that will foster community life and social use of outdoor areas are to be encouraged. Compact scale is a defining characteristic of the C-1 district. The size, distribution, site design, and landscaping of uses that display goods in outdoor lots should be such that the impact on the surrounding neighborhood is negligible and the area remains attractive to pedestrians. (Ord. 509 § 1, 2016; Ord. 416 § 1, 2009)