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(1) All construction and development applications to which this chapter applies shall include detailed plans for screening and buffering required for compliance with this chapter. Plans shall be drawn to scale, shall include the materials and method(s) to be used to comply with this chapter, identify size and location of planted materials, identify and show existing trees or shrubs that are to remain, illustrate the method of tree and shrub protection of the landscaped area, shall identify any evergreen plants and trees by botanical and common names, and shall include information on the growing characteristics of the trees and plants, such as minimum and maximum mature height.

(2) The plans shall also include a description of the method(s) and material(s) required to maintain all vegetation in a healthy growing condition, including any proposed irrigation system. If the plans do not include an automatic irrigation system, the plans shall describe in detail the proposed irrigation method. All maintenance costs shall be borne by the property owner.

(3) All plans shall be submitted to the city for review and approval prior to the issuance of a building permit. No building permit may issue until plans have been submitted to and approved by the city.

(4) The city may reject any proposal deemed to be inadequate to accomplish the buffer and screening objectives of this chapter. (Ord. 416 § 1, 2009)