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The following signs shall not require planning approval for their use though some may require a building permit. Use of these signs does not affect the amount or type of signage otherwise allowed by this chapter. All signs listed in this section are subject to all other applicable requirements of this chapter.

(1) Official signs placed or authorized by the city, county, state or federal government in the publicly owned right-of-way as well as official signs required by city, state or federal government located on private property;

(2) Flags adopted or endorsed by a governmental agency;

(3) Tablets, cornerstones or commemorative plaques;

(4) Window displays and signs;

(5) Festoons;

(6) Balloon signs of less than 24 inches in diameter;

(7) Seasonal decorations on private property;

(8) Signs erected by a recognized neighborhood watch group;

(9) Handheld signs;

(10) Accessory signs;

(11) Landmark signs;

(12) Signs for hospital or emergency services and railroads;

(13) Incidental signs, provided the signs do not exceed one and one-half square feet in area for each sign, with no more than three signs allowed for each permitted structure;

(14) An exterior sign erected next to an entrance, exit, rest room, office door or telephone, provided the sign is no more than four square feet in area. This type of sign is typically used to identify and locate a property feature;

(15) Any sign which is not visible to motorists or pedestrians on any public highway, sidewalk, street, alley or other area open to public travel;

(16) One indirectly illuminated or non-illuminated wall sign not exceeding one and one-half square feet in area placed on any residential building. This type of sign is typically used as a name or address plate;

(17) Signs placed in or attached to a motor vehicle, bus, railroad car or light rail car that is regularly used for purposes other than the display of signs;

(18) Signs, up to four square feet and no taller than two feet, constructed or placed within a parking lot. These signs are typically used to direct traffic and parking;

(19) A sign that does not exceed four square feet in area and four feet in height, and is erected where there is a danger to the public or to which public access is prohibited;

(20) Signs located within a sports stadium or athletic field, or other outdoor assembly area which are intended and oriented for viewing by persons within the facility;

(21) Covered flier boxes under one square foot in area when attached to a temporary or permanent sign. (Ord. 466 § 2, 2012)