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The planning commission may authorize exceptions from the requirements of this chapter where it can be shown that owing to special and unusual circumstances related to a specific piece of property, strict application of this chapter would cause an undue or unnecessary hardship, except that no exception shall be granted to allow a sign or a type of signage which is prohibited by ECMC 18.60.050. In granting an exception the commission may attach conditions which it finds necessary to protect the best interests of the surrounding property or neighborhood or otherwise achieve the purposes of this chapter.

(1) No exception shall be granted unless it can be established that:

(a) The request is necessary to prevent an unnecessary hardship due to factors such as topography, location, surrounding development, lot shape or lot size; and

(b) The granting of the exception will not result in material damage or prejudice to other property in the vicinity; and

(c) The request will not be detrimental to community standards and the appearance of the city.

(2) Exceptions shall not be granted for the convenience of the applicant or for the convenience of regional or national businesses which wish to use a standard sign size.

(3) The city council shall stand as an appeal board. An appeal from a ruling of the commission must be filed within 10 days of the date said ruling is rendered. (Ord. 466 § 2, 2012)