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The following primary and accessory uses are permitted in a recreational vehicle park extended stay, in conformance with Chapter 18.40 ECMC:

(1) Primary Uses.

(a) Recreational park trailers that are occupied by the park owner or manager.

(b) A manufactured home that is occupied by the park owner or manager.

(c) Recreational vehicles.

(2) Accessory Uses.

(a) Maintenance and storage buildings for management of a recreational vehicle park.

(b) Collection and recycling of solid waste that is generated within a recreational vehicle park.

(c) Roadways, pathways, parking lanes, overflow parking areas, and similar infrastructure.

(d) Landscaping buffers and perimeter fencing in conformance with Chapter 18.47 ECMC.

(e) Laundry and bathing facilities. (Ord. 592 § 8, 2022)