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A recreational vehicle park shall be developed according to the requirements of this chapter and upon:

(1) Approval of a conditional use permit per Chapter 18.40 ECMC, General Use Regulations.

(2) Site plan approval per Chapter 18.49 ECMC, Site Plan Review, in conformance with applicable requirements in this chapter.

(3) Binding site plan application, review, and approval according to Chapter 18.49 ECMC, Site Plan Review.

(4) Conformance with the City of Electric City Shorelines Management Master Plan, the Shoreline Management Act of 1971 (Chapter 90.58 RCW), and Shoreline Management Permit and Enforcement Procedures (Chapter 173-27 WAC), if within shoreline management jurisdiction.

(5) Compliance with ECMC Title 15, Buildings and Construction, particularly Appendix E of the Uniform Plumbing Code entitled “Manufactured/Mobile Home Parks and Recreational Vehicle Parks,” Chapter 13.15 ECMC, Sewer Service System, Chapter 13.05 ECMC, Water Service System, and all other relevant development codes, standards, and ordinances.

(6) Conformance with Chapter 16.10 ECMC regarding the protection and conservation of resource lands and critical areas, including wetlands.

(7) Consistency with the City of Electric City Comprehensive Plan. (Ord. 439 § 1, 2011)