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Any use not expressly permitted outright or as a conditional use in this chapter shall be prohibited, including but not limited to the following examples:

(1) Commercial uses except as provided in this chapter.

(2) Industrial uses.

(3) Keeping of livestock, poultry, rabbits, or bees.

(4) Occupancy of recreational vehicles.

(5) Public nuisances as defined in this title.

(6) Outside storage, collection, or dumping of dismantled, partly dismantled, or wrecked vehicles, trailers, machinery or their parts.

(7) Outside storage or collection of any junk, scrap, garbage, unsightly material, litter, or debris.

(8) Sheds or buildings in a state of disrepair as determined by the code compliance officer.

(9) Any use which does not or is not capable of conforming to the requirements of this chapter.

(10) Placement of mobile homes.

(11) Placement of RVs unless specifically in an area designated as an RV park.

(12) Accessory dwelling units.

(13) Dwelling units that do not comply with ECMC 18.45.060. (Ord. 592 § 12, 2022; Ord. 444 § 1, 2011)