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(1) All interior roads for manufactured home parks shall be private roads. All private roads shall be designed and maintained to carry emergency vehicles.

(2) Private road access to the manufactured home park shall be consistent with the existing pattern of vehicular movement and parking on public streets.

(3) Public streets shall be constructed to city design standards current at the time of construction.

(4) Vehicular movement, parking, and private streets shall be in compliance with the approved binding site plan.

(5) Vehicular movement and parking generated from a new manufactured home park shall not exceed the design capacity of public collector or public minor streets serving the new development.

(6) There must be vehicular and pedestrian access from a dedicated and improved public street(s) to the manufactured home park.

(7) Private roads and parking lanes shall have hard surface depths as proposed by a licensed engineer and approved by the city engineer.

(8) Park roads and parking lanes shall have widths as follows:

(a) One-way roads shall be a minimum of 22 feet in width.

(b) Two-way roads shall be a minimum of 30 feet in width.

(c) Parking lanes shall be a minimum of 10 feet in width.

(9) Parking lanes shall be hard surfaced.

(10) A cul-de-sac turnaround shall be in accordance with the International Fire Code, as outlined in Appendix D, Fire Apparatus Access Roads, and shall be subject to approval by the city. (Ord. 444 § 1, 2011)