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(1) Administrator. The administrator is responsible for the administration, interpretation, and enforcement of all parts of this title.

(2) Director of Public Works. The director of public works is responsible for providing engineering review, in consultation with the city engineer if necessary, of permit applications when such a review is needed, and for such other duties as set forth in this title.

(3) Building Official. The building official is responsible for assuring that all building permits and certificates of occupancy are referred to the administrator, as required by ECMC 18.80.030 and 18.80.040.

(4) Enforcement. All departments, officials, and public employees of the city which are vested with the duty or authority to issue permits or licenses shall conform to the provisions of this title and shall issue no such permit or license for any use, building, or purpose if the same would be in conflict with the provisions of this title, and should any such permit or license be issued in error it shall be null and void from its issuance and the city shall not be required to seek an appeal or review of the issuance of that permit or license to be able to declare the same as null and void from the date of its wrongful issuance.

(5) General Duty. None of the provisions of this title are intended to create a cause of action or provide the basis for a claim against the city, its officials, or employees for the performance or failure to perform a duty or obligation running to a specific individual or specific individuals. Any duty or obligation created herein is intended to be a general duty or obligation running in favor of the general public. (Ord. 416 § 1, 2009)