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(1) An application shall be made using the appropriate form provided by the city.

(2) Each application form shall, at a minimum, include the following:

(a) The application form shall be filled out legibly, in blue or black ink, either hand-printed, typewritten or mechanically printed.

(b) The name, mailing address and telephone number of each applicant.

(c) The name, mailing address and telephone number of the applicant’s representative, if any.

(d) The name, mailing address and telephone number of each owner of the subject property, if different than the applicant(s).

(e) The name, mailing address, telephone number and contractor registration number of the applicant’s prime contractor, if any.

(f) The parcel number, legal description and assessor’s parcel map for each parcel which is the subject of the proposed development.

(g) The signatures of each applicant or the applicant’s representative, and each property owner if different than the applicant(s).

(h) Any other information, documents or materials, as determined by the city, which may be required in the body of the form or by an attachment to the form, e.g., a narrative description of the project.

(3) Each application form shall require designation of a single person or entity to receive determinations and notices required under this code or by Chapter 36.70B RCW. Where a determination or notice to the “applicant” is required by this code or Chapter 36.70B RCW, “applicant” shall mean the person or entity so designated.

(4) Each application shall contain the following statement:

This application shall be subject to all additions to and changes in the laws, regulations and ordinances applicable to the proposed development until a determination of completeness has been made pursuant to Chapter 19.07.

(Ord. 436 § 1, 2010)