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When required, notice of a public meeting or hearing for all development applications and all open record appeals shall be given as follows:

(1) Time of Notices. Except as otherwise required, public notification of meetings, hearings, and pending actions under ECMC Titles 14 through 18 shall be made by:

(a) Publication in the official newspaper at least 10 days before the date of a public meeting, hearing, or pending action; and

(b) Mailing at least 10 days before the date of a public meeting, hearing, or pending action to all property owners, as shown on the records of the county assessor, and all street addresses of properties within 350 feet, not including street rights-of-way, or the boundaries of the property which is the subject of the meeting or pending action. Addressed, prestamped No. 10 envelopes shall be provided by the applicant; and

(c) Posting at least 10 days before the meeting, hearing, or pending action at City Hall.

(2) Content of Notice. The public notice shall include a general description of the proposed project, action to be taken, a nonlegal description of the property or a vicinity map or sketch, the time, date and place of the public hearing and the place where further information may be obtained.

(3) Continuations. If for any reason a meeting or hearing on a pending action cannot be completed on the date set in the public notice, the meeting or hearing may be continued to a date, time and place certain and no further notice under this section is required. (Ord. 436 § 1, 2010)