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(1) Following the issuance of a determination of completeness and a notice of application, an application shall be reviewed at one of four levels:

(a) Type I administrative review;

(b) Type II administrative review;

(c) Type III quasi-judicial review;

(d) Legislative review.

(2) If this title or this code provides that a proposed development is subject to a specific type of review, or a different review procedure is required by law, then the application for such development shall be processed and reviewed accordingly. If this title does not provide for a specific type of review, or if a different review procedure is not required by law, then the city shall determine the type of review to be used for the type and intensity of the proposed development.

(3) Any public meeting or required open public hearing may be combined by the city with any public meeting or open record public hearing that may be held on the proposed development by another local, state, federal or other agency. Hearings shall be combined if requested by the applicant. However, joint hearings must be held within the city and within the time limits of this title and Chapter 36.70B RCW. (Ord. 436 § 1, 2010)