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(1) Closed record decisions and appeals shall be conducted in accordance with the hearing body’s rules of procedure as provided for public hearings, and shall serve to provide argument and guidance for the body’s decision.

(2) Closed record decisions on requests for final plat approval of a preliminary subdivision shall include the following recommendations for approval or disapproval:

(a) A recommendation from the city water and sewer department as to the adequacy of the proposed means of sewage disposal and water supply;

(b) A recommendation from the city as to the compliance with all terms of the preliminary approval of the proposed subdivision; and

(c) A recommendation of approval or disapproval from the city engineer.

(3) Upon review of the request for final plat approval of a preliminary subdivision, the hearing body shall approve, disapprove or remand the final plat to the applicant with specific instructions for compliance with the preliminary subdivision approval.

(4) For closed record appeal hearings, no new evidence or testimony shall be given or received, except that the parties to an appeal may submit timely written statements or arguments. (Ord. 436 § 1, 2010)