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(1) The mayor, prior to filing any notice of violation and order, may enter into a voluntary correction agreement with a person responsible for correcting the condition, which may be the owner, agent or occupant.

(2) Any such voluntary correction agreement shall be a contract between the city and the person responsible, and shall follow a form to be approved by the city attorney. It shall be entirely voluntary and no one shall be required to enter into such an agreement.

(3) In such contract the person responsible shall agree to the following:

(a) Acknowledge a violation exists as shall be briefly there described;

(b) Acknowledge it is his/her responsibility to abate the violation;

(c) Agree to abate the violation by a certain date or within a specified time;

(d) Agree that if he/she does not accomplish the terms of such agreement, the city may proceed without further notice to enforce the applicable provisions of this code as described within this chapter, including entering the premises, rectifying the violation, and recovering the expenses and monetary penalties provided for herein.

(4) The agreement shall provide that if the person does accomplish the terms of the agreement, as determined by the city, within the time frame specified therein, the city shall so acknowledge and then shall take no further actions about it or attempt to recover public costs already incurred.

(5) The mayor may agree to extend the time limit for correction set forth in such agreement or may agree to modify the required corrective action. However, the mayor shall not agree to extend or modify the agreement unless the person responsible has shown due diligence and/or substantial progress in correcting the violation but has shown unforeseen circumstances which require such extension or modification. (Ord. 436 § 1, 2010)