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(1) A permit, variance, subdivision or other land use approval may be revoked, suspended or modified on one or more of the following grounds:

(a) Failure to complete corrective action as required pursuant to a notice of violation and order to correct or cease activity.

(b) The approval was obtained through fraud.

(c) The approval was obtained through inadequate or inaccurate information.

(d) The approval was issued contrary to law.

(e) The approval was issued under a procedural error which prevented consideration of the interests of persons directly affected by the approval.

(f) The approval is being exercised or implemented contrary to the terms or conditions of the approval or contrary to law.

(g) The use for which the approval was issued is being exercised in a manner which is detrimental to public health, safety or welfare.

(h) Interference with the performance of federal, state, county or city official duties.

(2) Action to revoke, suspend or modify a permit, subdivision, or other land use approval shall be taken by the enforcing official through issuance of a notice of violation and order to correct or cease activity as described in ECMC 1.20.050.

(3) If a permit or approval is revoked for fraud or deception, no similar application shall be accepted for a period of one year from the date of final action and appeal, if any. If a permit or approval is revoked for any other reason, another application may be submitted subject to all of the requirements of the development code. (Ord. 436 § 1, 2010)