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Amendments to the comprehensive plan, a subarea plan, or development regulations may be suggested by any person, including but not limited to applicants, citizens, hearing examiners and staff of other agencies by providing the following written information on a form approved by the planner or mayor to meet the docketing requirements of this chapter:

(1) Name, address and telephone number of the person, business, agency or other organization suggesting the amendment;

(2) Citation of the specific text, map or other illustration suggested to be amended;

(3) The suggested amendment;

(4) If a suggested amendment is to a plan or to both a plan and a development regulation, a statement of how the amendment (a) promotes the public health, safety and welfare; (b) is consistent with or in conflict with other portions of the comprehensive plan or subarea plan; and (c) complies with Chapter 36.70A RCW, also known as the Growth Management Act, and the Grant County countywide planning policies;

(5) If a suggested amendment is only to the development regulations, a statement as to how the amendment complies with the comprehensive plan;

(6) Except for a request made by a city department or officer or governmental entity, a fee established by resolution of the city council is required. All applicants shall be responsible for the costs of any specialized studies including, but not limited to, traffic and transportation, critical areas and environmental impact statements associated with their request;

(7) SEPA checklist. (Ord. 435 § 1, 2010)