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The specific duties, powers, and responsibilities of the city administrator, all subject to the direction, the supervision, and the authority of the mayor, shall be as follows:

(1) Plan and direct all administrative activities of the city, develop and implement internal policies and procedures, evaluate city employees, and take necessary actions to improve operations;

(2) To carry out the required mandates of city ordinances and the policies of the mayor and the city council;

(3) Provide information and advice to the mayor, city council, other public officials and the public on the city’s operations;

(4) To administer and to supervise the carrying out of decisions, regulations, and policies of the various city departments, commissions, and boards; provided, that nothing herein shall be construed to abridge or to limit the responsibilities or authority of the mayor;

(5) To report regularly to the mayor and the city council concerning the status of all assignments, duties, projects, and functions of the various city offices, departments, commissions, and boards;

(6) Keep the mayor and council fully informed and advised of the financial conditions of the city and its future needs;

(7) Act to resolve operational conflicts, decide and implement alternate courses of action, formulate administrative policies, and otherwise make decisions in the best interest of the city’s operations;

(8) To serve as personnel officer for the city. The principal duty as personnel officer shall include, subject to the approval of the mayor, the hiring of and the discharge of all city employees except those employees and officers required by city ordinance to be appointed by the mayor or elected by the voters of the city;

(9) To supervise all purchasing by the various city officers, departments, commissions, and boards, for the purpose of keeping the same within the limitation of the annual budget and any long-range planning projected for the city;

(10) To assist the mayor and the city council generally in conducting all the city’s business, to perform such other duties, and to assume such other responsibilities as the mayor shall direct and as may be required by ordinances and resolutions passed by the city council;

(11) To represent the city at meetings with other governmental units, agencies, commissions, and associations as directed by the mayor;

(12) To be informed about and to remain cognizant of federal and state grant and loan opportunities that could be of monetary value to the city, and to alert the proper city officials to any opportunities for taking advantage of federal and state grants which could benefit the city;

(13) To coordinate and work with all other municipal corporations;

(14) To prepare and submit to the mayor the preliminary and annual budget and to administer the budget after its adoption;

(15) To attend all regular, special council and committee meetings and regional board of mayors meetings or appoint a designee if not available. (Ord. 540 § 1, 2019)