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(1) No person may engage in business in the city without first having applied, paid and obtained the applicable license therefor, for the applicable current period, as provided herein, and without having first complied with any and all applicable laws of the state of Washington, federal government and provisions of this chapter or other ordinances of the city.

(2) In addition to any other fees that may be specified, each person engaged in business in the city must pay a nonrefundable license application fee as set by the city council by resolution.

(3) The city fee for renewal of a license is due by the expiration date of the license, in addition to other penalties specified. The city may assess a separate delinquent fee as prescribed by the city council, commencing the first day of the month following the license expiration and at the beginning of each subsequent month.

(4) License fees for any person beginning a new business in the city must accompany the application for a business license, which must be submitted and approved by the city before a person may engage in business in the city. The city may impose a separate delinquent penalty as prescribed by the city council if the city’s license application fee is not paid prior to license approval.

(5) A licensee may change the location of the licensed business within the city. The licensee must notify the Business Licensing Service of the change sufficiently prior to the intended change to allow the city to review and approve the new location. Business may not commence at the new location prior to the city’s approval. Such a change of location may require submitting a new application for a license. The city may also impose the administrative transfer fee as set by the city council by resolution for review of such a change. All other applicable ordinances must be complied with.

(6) Each branch establishment or separate location of a business conducted by any person is, for the purpose hereof, considered a separate business and subject to a separate license.

(7) If more than one distinct business activity is conducted at the same location in the city, the business owner is required to complete a separate business license application and be assessed a city license application fee for each. If multiple businesses are located at the same building location each owned by a separate owner, each owner is required to complete a business license application and be assessed a separate city license application fee.

(8) If any person be engaged in operating or carrying on a business at more than one location in the city then such person must apply for a separate license and pay the city license fee herein prescribed for as many of said businesses as are carried on by such person.

(9) All applicable city business license fees and penalties due and payable to the city may be submitted to a collection agency acting on behalf of the city upon 120 days of delinquency.

(10) If payment is made by draft or check, the license fee shall not be deemed paid unless the check or draft is duly honored in the usual course of business, nor shall acceptance of any such check or draft by the city be an acquittance or discharge of any fee unless and until the check or draft is honored. (Ord. 591 § 1, 2022; Ord. 534 § 1, 2018; Ord. 456 § 1, 2012; Ord. 325 § 3, 1996)