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The city’s general business license issued through the BLS expires on the date established by the BLS, and must be renewed on or before that date to continue to engage in business in the city after that date.

(1) The application for renewal of the general business license is made through the BLS, and must include all information required to renew each license involved, the total fees due for all licenses, and the renewal application handling fee required by RCW 19.02.075.

(2) The license term and respective fee amount may be prorated as needed to synchronize the license expiration with the expiration of the business account maintained by BLS.

(3) Failure to complete the license renewal by the expiration date will incur the late renewal penalty required by RCW 19.02.085 in addition to all other fees and penalties as may be prescribed in this chapter.

(4) Failure to complete the license renewal within 120 days after the expiration date will result in the cancellation of the license and will require submitting an application for a new license as otherwise provided for in this chapter to continue engaging in business in the city. The city may require payment of all past due amounts and applicable penalties prior to approving the new license. (Ord. 591 § 1, 2022)