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Each person, association, or organization engaging in an activity taxable under these provisions shall maintain records respecting that activity which truly, completely, and accurately disclose all information necessary to determine the tax liability during each base tax period. Such records shall be kept and maintained for a period of not less than three years. In addition, all information and items required by the Washington State Gambling Commission under Chapter 230-08 WAC, and the United States Internal Revenue Service respecting taxation, shall be kept and maintained for the periods required by those agencies. All books, records and other items required to be kept and maintained under this section shall be subject to and immediately available for inspection and audit at any reasonable time with reasonable notice. Inspection shall be made upon demand by the city clerk-treasurer or the clerk-treasurer’s designee, at the place where such records are kept, for the purpose of enforcing these provisions. Where the taxpayer does not keep all of the books, records, or items required in this jurisdiction, the taxpayer shall either:

(1) Produce all of the required books, records, or items within the city of Electric City for such inspection within seven days following a request of the city clerk-treasurer; or

(2) Bear the actual cost of the inspection by the city clerk-treasurer or the clerk-treasurer’s designee, at the location at which such books, records, or items are located; provided, that a taxpayer choosing to bear these costs shall pay in advance to the city clerk-treasurer the estimated costs thereof, including, but not limited to, round trip fare by the most rapid means, lodging, meals, and incidental expenses. The actual amount due, or to be refunded, for expenses shall be determined following said examination of the records. (Ord. 456 § 1, 2012; Ord. 203 § 8, 1980)