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Notice in the form of a declaration given to an owner in the manner described below or in ECMC 6.08.080 shall be prima facie evidence that the owner acted knowingly, although notice is not the only way to prove the owner’s knowledge of the animal’s propensity. Any notice of potential declaration must be in writing and include the following:

(1) A description of the animal;

(2) The name and address of the owner, if known;

(3) The whereabouts of the animal if it is not in the custody of the owner;

(4) A brief statement of why the dog is being considered a dangerous or potentially dangerous dog;

(5) The specific provision or provisions of ECMC 6.08.030(3) or (5) which the animal control officer has found applicable;

(6) The restrictions that could be placed on the dog as a result of a final declaration;

(7) The penalties for violation of the restrictions of a final declaration, including the possibility of destruction of the dog, civil damages assessed against the owner, imprisonment and fines incurred by the owner through criminal prosecution;

(8) The date, time and location to meet with the animal control officer to discuss the action. (Ord. 547 § 1, 2019)