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(1) Any person desiring to bring a dog to live in the city which has been previously declared to be potentially dangerous, dangerous, vicious, or similar designation in another jurisdiction, under the provisions of Chapter 16.08 RCW or comparable local ordinance, must notify the animal control authority prior to moving the dog to the city. The person must provide all information requested by the animal control authority and must comply with all restrictions imposed by the animal control authority. There is no right to bring into the city a dog that has been the subject of a declaration or similar process in another jurisdiction and the animal control authority will determine whether such a dog will be licensed and permitted to reside in the city.

(2) Except to the extent inconsistent with this section, an appeal from the decision of the animal control authority under this section may be appealed in the manner set forth in ECMC 6.08.100. At the hearing, the presumption shall be that the previous jurisdiction’s determination is correct and the burden shall be upon the appellant to demonstrate the invalidity of the prior declaration or similar process. (Ord. 547 § 1, 2019)