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It shall be unlawful to place or maintain guard dogs in any area for the protection of persons or property unless the following conditions are met:

(1) The dogs shall be confined to an enclosed area adequate to ensure that they will not escape.

(2) They shall be under the absolute control of a handler at all times.

(3) Warning signs shall be conspicuously posted indicating the presence of guard dogs, and such signs shall plainly show a telephone number where some person responsible for controlling such dogs can be reached at all times.

(4) Prior to the posting of guard dogs on any property, the person or persons responsible for the posting shall inform the supervising animal control officer in writing of their intention to post such dogs, the number of dogs to be posted, the location where such dog or dogs will be posted and the approximate length of time such dog or dogs will be patrolling the area. (Ord. 552 § 1, 2019; Ord. 548 § 1, 2019)