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Any unspayed female dog in the stage of estrus (heat) shall be confined during such period of time in a house, building, or secure enclosure, and such area of enclosure shall be so constructed that no other dog or dogs may gain access to the confined animal. Except that an owner can take the dog out of confinement so long as on a leash and can take the dog to a show and show that dog unleashed if a requirement of the show. The animal control officer shall order any unspayed female that is in the stage of estrus (heat) and that is not properly confined or leashed or being shown unleashed at a show or any such dog that is creating a neighborhood nuisance to be removed to a boarding kennel or to a veterinary hospital. All expenses incurred as a result of the confinement shall be paid by the owner. Failure to comply with the order of the animal control officer shall be a violation of this provision, and the animal shall then be impounded. (Ord. 552 § 1, 2019; Ord. 548 § 1, 2019)