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When the code enforcement officer determines that any violation of this title requires further and/or additional enforcement action, he or she may proceed against that violation using the procedures provided in this section and Chapter 1.25 ECMC.

(1) Notice of Violation and Order to Correct or Cease Activity. If the code enforcement officer or any police officer determines that any activity or condition related to the keeping or management of animals as set forth in this title exists that does not conform to this title, he or she may issue a notice of violation and order to correct or cease activity as provided in Chapter 1.25 ECMC.

(2) Penalties. Any violation for which a notice of violation and order to correct or cease activity has been issued shall be subject to the penalties provided for in Chapter 1.25 ECMC. The cumulative penalty provided for in Chapter 1.25 ECMC shall not preclude the initiation of appropriate legal action to correct the violation.

(3) Further Enforcement. The code enforcement officer may refer the matter to the city attorney for civil enforcement by injunction or other appropriate action.

(4) Compromise, Settlement, and Disposition of Disputes or Litigation. The code enforcement officer and the city attorney may negotiate a settlement or compromise, or otherwise dispose of a dispute or litigation when to do so would be in the best interests of the city. (Ord. 549 § 1, 2019)