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(1) Issuance of Licenses. The city clerk, animal control authority, or the authorized agents thereof shall issue licenses as specified in this section.

(a) Annual License to Keep Chickens.

(i) An annual license shall be obtained prior to the introduction of chickens on any property within Electric City. Said license shall be renewed each year.

(ii) The annual license fee is $15.00.

(iii) The annual license shall contain the following:

(A) Date of issuance and date of expiration;

(B) A serial number;

(C) The name, address, and telephone number of the owner of the chicken(s).

(b) Coop License.

(i) A one-time coop license from the city of Electric City shall be obtained before chickens are harbored. If ownership or location of the coop is changed, then a new coop license shall be obtained. Electric City officials shall conduct a site visit to insure compliance with the city siting requirements.

(ii) The cost of the coop license shall be $50.00.

(iii) The following items shall be submitted with an application for a coop license:

(A) Completed application form provided by the city of Electric City accompanied by the appropriate license fee.

(B) Site plan showing existing structures and property lines, the location of the proposed coop and fenced enclosure area and the distance of the coop and fenced area from structures and property lines.

(C) Evidence that a site visit was conducted by the city.

(2) Transferability of Licenses. Annual and coop licenses are not transferable from one chicken owner to another. (Ord. 471 § 1, 2013)