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All applications for permits shall state the location of the property, in lot and block numbers within platted areas, the name of the owner, the number of buildings to be connected, and how occupied. A plan of the proposed connection shall be submitted with the application showing the whole course of the sewer from the house or building to the point of connection with the city sewer system and shall show the location of all branches, wyes, traps and plumbing fixtures to be connected therewith. If said plan shall conform with the requirements of this chapter; with the plumbing code of the state of Washington, which is hereby adopted and made a part of this chapter as if it were set forth in full; and the rules and regulations of the State Department of Health, the approving authority shall so certify and the clerk-treasurer or city supervisor shall thereupon issue the permit upon the payment of the fee as established by resolution of the city council, which sum shall be paid and collected before the permit shall be issued and shall include the inspection fees and charges. (Ord. 524 § 1, 2017)