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Article II. Environment Designations
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(1) The city has designated shorelines pursuant to Chapter 90.58 RCW by defining them, providing criteria for their identification and establishing the shoreline ecological functions to be protected. Project proponents are responsible for determining whether a shoreline exists and is regulated pursuant to this program. The SMP classifies Electric City’s shoreline into four shoreline environment designations consistent with the purpose and designation criteria as follows:

(a) Aquatic.

(b) Recreation conservancy.

(c) Recreation.

(d) Shoreline residential.

(2) Official Shoreline Maps.

(a) Shoreline area designations are delineated on a map (ECMC 16.20.870), hereby incorporated as a part of this program that shall be known as the official shoreline map. The purpose of the official shoreline map is to identify shoreline area designations. Maps indicating the extent of shoreline jurisdiction and shoreline designations are guidance only. They are to be used in conjunction with best available science, field investigations and on-site surveys to accurately establish the location and extent of shoreline jurisdiction when a project is proposed.

(3) Unmapped or Undesignated Shorelines.

(a) All areas meeting the definition of a shoreline of the state or a shoreline of statewide significance, whether mapped or not, are subject to the provisions of this program. All areas within shorelines that are not mapped and/or designated are automatically assigned recreation conservancy designation. Within urban growth areas, such shorelines shall be automatically assigned a recreation conservancy designation until such time that the shoreline area can be redesignated through a formal amendment.

(4) Interpretation of Environment Designation Boundaries.

(a) Whenever existing physical features are inconsistent with boundaries on the official shoreline map, the shoreline administrator shall interpret the boundaries. Appeals of such interpretations may be filed pursuant to ECMC 16.20.810, Appeals.

(b) All shoreline areas waterward of the OHWM shall be designated aquatic.

(c) Only one shoreline area designation shall apply to a given shoreland area. In the case of parallel designations, designations shall be divided along an identified linear feature. Such linear features shall be clearly noted in the metadata associated with the official shoreline map. (Ord. 484 § 2, 2014)