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Each site plan submitted associated with the building permit application shall contain the following information:

(1) An environmental checklist when required.

(2) The title and location of the proposed development, together with the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the recorded owners of the land and the applicant, and if applicable, the name, address, and telephone number of any architect, planner, designer, or engineer responsible for the preparation of the plan, and of any authorized representative of the applicant.

(3) A written description addressing the scope of the project, the nature and size in gross floor area of each use, and the total amount of square feet to be covered by impervious surfaces.

(4) A vicinity map showing site boundaries and existing roads and accesses within and bounding the site.

(5) A topographic map delineating contours, existing and proposed, at five-foot intervals and which locates existing streams, marshes, and other natural features when applicable.

(6) Site plans drawn to a scale no smaller than one inch equals 30 feet showing location and size of uses, buffer areas, yards, open spaces, and landscaped areas and any existing structures, easements, and utilities.

(7) A circulation plan drawn to a scale acceptable to the public works director illustrating all access points for the site, the size and location of all driveways, streets and roads with proposed width and outside turning radius, the location, size and design of parking and loading areas, and existing and proposed pedestrian circulation system.

(8) A drainage and stormwater runoff plan when applicable.

(9) A utility plan.

(10) A site plan of all proposed landscaping including the treatment and materials used for open spaces, and the types of plants and screening to be used.

(11) Typical building elevation and architectural style.

(12) Landscaping and irrigation plan.

(13) Any other information deemed pertinent by the city staff. (Ord. 427 § 1, 2010)