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The purpose of this chapter is to establish uniform policies for city boards and commissions and a process for review to ensure that the structure is efficient and accessible to citizens.

All boards and commissions are created by the city council (council), as the legislative body, and are not independent nor autonomous from the council.

(1) All boards and commissions of the city of Electric City shall be created by an ordinance of the council and shall contain a statement of purpose, specific membership composition requirements, exceptions to the residency requirements and meeting frequency. Special purpose (short term) or ad hoc committees may not necessitate an ordinance and may be established by a majority council approval of the scope for the committee and the term of its appointment. Special purpose and ad hoc committees and task forces are created from time to time by the city council to address issues of interest or to conduct background work on technical or politically sensitive issues. Special purpose or ad hoc committees will be dissolved upon completion of the intended task.

(2) The responsibilities of citizen boards and commissions in the city of Electric City shall be in two areas:

(a) Advice. These boards and commissions shall advise the council and the mayor on items related to their purpose and on such specific items as requested by the council or mayor.

(b) Delegated Action. These boards and commissions may be authorized by city ordinance, and in some cases also pursuant to state statute, to conduct specific city business and/or may undertake specific actions as delegated to them by the council or the mayor in their respective roles. (Ord. 506 § 1, 2016)