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All grading and excavation plans shall be prepared by an engineer licensed in the state of Washington, and shall meet the standards and requirements set forth in Chapter 33 of the International Building Code, and shall contain the following information:

(1) A cover sheet showing the location of work, the name and address of the owner and the engineer who prepared the plans;

(2) General vicinity of the proposed site;

(3) Property limits and accurate contours of existing ground and details of terrain and area drainage. Contour intervals for slopes 10 percent or less shall be no more than two feet, and intervals for slopes exceeding 10 percent shall be no more than five feet;

(4) Limits of proposed excavation and fill sites, finished contours to be achieved by the grading, and proposed drainage channels to offset stormwater impacts during grading and excavation (and related construction);

(5) Detailed plans of all surface and subsurface drainage devices, walls, cribbing, dams and other protective devices to be constructed with, or as part of, the proposed work, together with a map showing the drainage area and the estimated runoff of the area served by any drains;

(6) Location of any buildings or structures on the property where the work is to be performed and the location of any buildings or structures on land of adjacent owners which are within 15 feet of the property;

(7) Recommendations included in a soils engineering report and the engineering geology report shall be incorporated in the grading plans or specifications. When approved by the building official, specific recommendations contained in the soils engineering report and the engineering geology report, which are applicable to grading, may be included by reference;

(8) The dates of the soils engineering and engineering geology reports together with the names, seals, license numbers, addresses and phone numbers of the firms and/or individuals who prepared the reports. (Ord. 563 § 1, 2019)