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(1) Uses specifically classified or set forth in this SMP as conditional uses shall be subject to review and condition by the shoreline administrator and by Ecology. Applications for a shoreline conditional use permit (SCUP) shall be processed with a Type III permit procedure as set forth in ECMC 19.09.050.

(2) Other uses which are not classified or listed or set forth in this SMP may be authorized as conditional uses provided the applicant can demonstrate consistency with the requirements of this section and the requirements for conditional uses contained in this SMP.

(3) Uses which are specifically prohibited by this SMP may not be authorized as a conditional use.

(4) Review Criteria for SCUP. Uses which are classified or set forth in the applicable master program as conditional uses may be authorized; provided, that the applicant demonstrates all of the following:

(a) That the proposed use is consistent with the policies of RCW 90.58.020 and the master program;

(b) That the proposed use will not interfere with the normal public use of public shorelines;

(c) That the proposed use of the site and design of the project is compatible with other authorized uses within the area and with uses planned for the area under the comprehensive plan and shoreline master program;

(d) That the proposed use will cause no significant adverse effects to the shoreline environment in which it is to be located; and

(e) That the public interest suffers no substantial detrimental effect.

(5) In the granting of all conditional use permits, consideration shall be given to the cumulative impact of additional requests for like actions in the area. For example, if conditional use permits were granted for other developments in the area where similar circumstances exist, the total of the conditional uses shall also remain consistent with the policies of RCW 90.58.020 and shall not produce substantial adverse effects to the shoreline environment.

(6) In authorizing a conditional use, special conditions may be attached to the permit by the city or Ecology to prevent undesirable effects of the proposed use and/or to ensure consistency of the project with the SMA and this SMP.

(7) Nothing shall interfere with the city’s ability to require compliance with all other applicable plans and laws. (Ord. 484 § 2, 2014)