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(1) After the city’s approval of a shoreline conditional use or variance permit, the city shall submit the permit to the Department of Ecology for approval, approval with conditions, or denial. Ecology shall render and transmit to the city and the applicant its final decision approving, approving with conditions, or disapproving the permit within 30 days of the date of submittal by the city pursuant to WAC 173-27-110.

(2) The Department of Ecology shall review the complete file submitted by the city on shoreline conditional use or variance permits and any other information submitted or available that is relevant to the application. Ecology shall base its determination to approve, approve with conditions or deny a conditional use permit or variance on consistency with the policy and provisions of the SMA and, except as provided in WAC 173-27-210, the criteria in WAC 173-27-160 and 173-27-170.

(3) The city shall provide timely notification of the Department of Ecology’s final decision to those interested persons having requested notification from local government pursuant to WAC 173-27-130. (Ord. 484 § 2, 2014)