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Upon council approval of the final plat, the subdivider shall remit the following fees prior to the plat being officially signed and recorded with the Grant County auditor:

(1) A check payable to the Grant County auditor sufficient to cover the recording fee.

(2) When applicable, voluntary payment in lieu of a dedication of land or to mitigate a direct impact that has been identified as a consequence of a proposed subdivision as allowed by and pursuant to RCW 82.02.020.

(3) When applicable, a certificate from the Grant County auditor certifying that covenants to the property title have been recorded and filed shall accompany final plat fees.

(4) The applicant shall be responsible to reimburse the city for administrative costs incurred by the city to review, process and approve, modify or disapprove the plat submitted. The applicant shall be responsible for all engineering, legal and other consulting fees and costs incurred by the city to the extent said fees and costs exceed the application fees, and the applicant shall be advised of those costs by the city clerk. The applicant shall pay such fees as billed by the city clerk. A failure to pay within 30 days any such fee billed by the city clerk shall result in a suspension of the processing of the plat on the basis that such failure to pay evidences an abandonment of the plat application. The applicant shall pay such costs in full before the final plat is recorded by the city. (Ord. 393 § 1, 2007)