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(1) The business of all regular meetings of the council shall be transacted in the following order, unless the council, by a majority vote of the members present, suspends the rules and changes the order:

(a) Roll call;

(b) Pledge of Allegiance;

(c) Approval of minutes;

(d) Police report;

(e) Other business of the council;

(f) Reports;

(g) Miscellaneous matters;

(h) Approval of vouchers issued;

(i) Adjournment.

(2) Minutes of preceding meetings and bills tendered for payment shall not be read aloud at each meeting prior to approval, unless a member of the council should request such reading.

(3) All agenda items and requests to be placed on the agenda for council consideration must be submitted to the clerk before noon on the Thursday prior to any council meeting. Items received after that date shall be considered at the next following council meeting. (Ord. 567 § 1, 2020; Ord. 380 § 1, 2006)