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Based on an investigation, the animal control officer may find and declare a dog dangerous or potentially dangerous if he or she has a reasonable belief that the dog falls within the definitions set forth in ECMC 6.08.030(3) or (5). For the purposes of this chapter, a reasonable belief may be supported by any of the following:

(1) The written complaint of a citizen who has witnessed the animal acting in a manner which causes it to fall within the definitions in ECMC 6.08.030(3) or (5) and is willing to so testify in a court of law; or

(2) Dog bite reports filed with the animal control officer; or

(3) Actions of the dog witnessed by the animal control officer or any law enforcement officer; or

(4) A verified report that the animal previously has been found to be either potentially dangerous or dangerous by the animal control officer; or

(5) Other substantial evidence admissible in a court of law. (Ord. 547 § 1, 2019)